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  • The United States Standards Strategy (USSS) helps to advance trade issues in the global marketplace, enhance consumer health and safety and meet stakeholder needs.
    Publication date: December 2005.
American National Standards Institute
  • The American National Standards Institute is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance U.S. global competitiveness and the American quality of life by promoting, facilitating, and safeguarding the integrity of the voluntary standardization and conformity assessment system.

    ANSI’s website (www.ansi.org) contains information about membership; regional, domestic and international standards activities; accreditation services; consumer and government affairs; news; events; education and training; standards panels and additional internet resources.

    ISO ANSI is a founding member and the sole U.S. representative of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), a worldwide federation of national standards bodies.

    Follow this link for information about ANSI’s ISO Programs, including reference documents and further resources.

    IEC As the United States’ representative to the International Electrotechnical Commission, ANSI’s U.S. National Committee of the IEC (USNC/IEC) serves as the focal point for U.S. parties who are interested in the development, promulgation and use of globally-relevant standards for the electotechnical industry.

    Follow this link for information about USNC/IEC membership and officers, organizational structure, meetings and training.

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